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Healthcare manager

Healthcare Manager will be responsible for the leadership and coordinating staff including medical assistants, front desk staff and file clerk. Responsible for collecting and reporting data for patient encounters and inter institutional problems, and making necessary changes when appropriate. In addition to this, healthcare manager will be responsible for team building, scheduling and maintaining standards of care. Works in collaboration with the Clinical department , Billing Department, and providers in the company.

Participates in the formulation of office practice objectives, policies & procedures and monitoring patient education. Exercises critical thinking to assist, plan and maintain a state of office practice readiness to address ongoing activities. Anticipate needs and has the ability to assess, plan, implement and evaluate situations requiring quick problem solving and intervention.

Managing a physician's office requires a wide range of skills. The responsibilities are broad and require detailed management of multiple processes, including health information, general business processes, inter institutional referrals and patient care.  Practice management can be a challenging yet rewarding profession.

We would prefer candidates to demonstrate expertise in:

  • Understanding Health information technology (HIT), electronic health records (EHR), and health information exchange
  • Understanding and interpreting various types of insurance plans
  • Maintaining reports and statistical summaries as requested by management (monthly and annual reports)
  • Interfacing with patients, physicians, and staff to successfully resolve patient satisfaction issues
  • Monitoring clinic and referral management of practice as related to patients
  • Healthcare business processes and workflow
  • Streamlining office procedures to achieve efficiencies
  • Corporate compliance
  • Quality initiatives
  • Medical office accounting, physician reimbursement, and revenue cycle management
  • Marketing and business relationships
  • HIPAA and data security

Education Requirements

·         Bach of Health Administration with one year experience

·         MHA or MBA preferred.


Job type: Full time


Location: Houston, TX

Skills required:

        Knowledge of general office tasks, confidentiality, medical terminology, ICD coding, , risk management, performance improvement, CLIA, OSHA, JCAHO, practice operations, managed care, and the Healthcare environment

Company profile:

At, Ajay K. Aggarwal MDPA we lead the transformation to those seeking non- surgical solutions to their medical needs. We deliver these solutions with a goal of patient service and satisfaction efficiently cared for by the specialty doctors.


Please contact the Office Manager, Linda Salinas, for more information.

Office #: (713) 663-7246


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